New Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer Confirms Monsters, Inc. World

In a new trailer, developer Square Enix finally confirmed another Pixar world that will be in the upcoming release of Kingdom Hearts 3, Monsters, Inc.

Complete with monster forms for each of the main characters, Sora, Donald, and Goofy can be seen meeting Sully and Mike and their little human friend, Boo.

Also in the trailer are reveals and hints towards a renewed Organization 13 and a glimpse of Vanitas approaching Sora in a cutscene from the game.

The game is supposedly still on track for a 2018 release with rumors panning the game towards a Holiday 2018 release, in time for the 13th anniversary of the titular series.


Review: Final Fantasy Dissidia: Opera Omnia

Even with a title that makes little sense and proves to be a mouthful, Final Fantasy Dissidia: Opera Omnia proves to be a shining title on mobile app stores just a week after its release in the United States.

The game features over 25 notable Final Fantasy characters so far with updates seeming to come at a fairly quick pace.


Like other mobile games of the same nature, it runs off of quests that allow for a 3 character party to bring into battle. Various spots on the world map open up at a time with more opening as the story progresses.

Each spot either contains a story progression spot, or just a random enemy battle, with bosses interspersed towards the end of each “island” on the world map.

The battle system is what really makes Opera Omnia shine, however, with a strategic and turn-based style with added flair.

Battles work like classic RPG systems, turn-based but Opera Omnia has added new twists.


The player will now have to deplete the enemies Bravery (brv) before they can inflict damage on the opponent. Once the opponents bravery has been lowered or broken, the player can inflict HP attacks, allowing for damage to be dealt.

The upside, players also have bravery, meaning enemies must first deplete that before characters can sustain damage, sometimes giving players an extra layer of protection against strong attacks.


The story follows a meager moogle (that’s a mouthful) and it’s mission to band together the best warriors from multiple universes to fight back against Torsions that have been opening across the games various islands. These torsions threaten the entire world, including the universes that each of the characters originally belong too, giving each character a motive to fight alongside strangers against the darkness brewing in the games universe.It’s not the most intricate or deep story, but nobody asked for a mobile game to contain a AAA story, it just has to be fun, and Omnia definitely is.


Gameplay is standard fair for games of its type on mobile, there’s no open-world to explore. Instead you tap around on nodes on the world map to navigate to different battles or dialogue sequences.

The game mostly centers around battles with dialogue in between. Chat sequences of course either reveal a character or further the story. The balance of the two is well done.


The battle system is the main focus of the game. The refreshing new bravery system is nice and the strategy it adds makes the usual RPG fair exciting and fast.


The usual Final Fantasy soundtrack can be heard in certain moments in the game. Gone is the prologue song usually played at the beginning of each entry, but an original soundtrack replaces it.

It does the job, its not as catchy or exciting as the soundtrack for Brave Exivus, but it does the job, and does it well.


The game isn’t beautiful by any means, but it’s nice to look at. The graphics are akin to 3DS graphics, with characters taking on chibi-like forms.

Light rays come from the top of the screen in grassy plains, and cutscenes are done well with characters taking on their respective traits, armor, and weapons.


Opera Omnia is a wonderful mobile experience, especially when waiting for Final Fantasy 15: Pocket Edition. It has all your favorite FF characters such as Cloud, Tifa, and Warrior of Light from FF1.

The gameplay is addictive, with co-op quests to participate in when you’re done playing alone for a while.

With planned updates and more characters added, Final Fantasy fans will enjoy the experience.

Overall, the game is a unique take on the typical RPG battle system with added features and graphics alike to a 3DS game.

Facebook Adds New 360 Degree Photo Feature

In the past week, Facebook added the option to take 360 degree photos directly from the Facebook camera.


This option allows users to either take a full 360 degree photo, or a 180 degree “VR Style” photo. These photos can then be viewed using the screen or gyroscope of the device.

This writer has definitely been having fun using the feature, though be warned it seems to have some bugs yet, artifacts sometimes form when taking pictures due to swift movements.


Complete stillness is recommended and as always, stay safe.

Bring Sloths and War together with Army of Sloths

Who knew that sloths and war could go together, but that’s exactly what you will get when sitting down to play this unique twist on tabletop card games, Army of Sloths.

Players will find themselves waging war with their neighboring sloths over precious cecropia leaves, a limited commodity and main source of food for these sloths.

It will be up to the player to lead their army to victory and be the last one standing.

Despite their cuteness, these sloths are out for blood and leaves.

“Honestly, sloths are cute and funny, so we decided that if we could make a fun game themed around cute and lovable animals then it would be a hit,” said Robert Love, lead developer of the game. “I mean who could hate sloths, right?”

As the commander of the sloth army, players will have to develop strategies, forge alliance, and of course, break bonds in order to defeat the enemy.

Gameplay takes place using powerful sloth cards, and action cards, all meticulously illustrated by artist Tyler Layhew.

“The game kinda came out of nowhere,” said Love. “We were originally working on a different type of game when we figured out it was too alike to other games out there, so we had to alter course and that was when Tyler Layhew sent me a drawing.”

The image Tyler Layhew sent to Robert Love

An interesting twist, each of these action cards contains two actions, because there are two separate ways to play the game, leaf defenders, and leaf conquerors.

It is because of these two modes that Army of Sloths is a very versatile game, one mode is for players who want a short game to kill time, and the other is longer.

The first mode, leaf defenders is all about building up your defenses and finding a balance between attacking their opponents defense or building up their own in preparation of oncoming assault.

With this mode, the last player with leaves in their possession is the winner.

The other mode, Leaf Conquerors, is the quicker version of the game. In this mode, players compete to obtain the most amount of leaves, which all have varying point values.

No matter what mode players decide to go with, this is an interesting twist on card games with an animal not commonly seen in any media, let alone tabletop card games. It is certainly looking to be a fun and interesting tabletop game for any time of year.

The game was designed by the two man team, Robert Love, and Tyler Layhew under the company name DoubLLe, LLC.

“The hardest part of designing the game is getting funded,” said Love. “The artwork has certainly been time consuming and daunting at times, but Tyler through that with no complaints.”

The game is mostly done according to the developers and is currently going through a Kickstarter campaign for funding with various prizes being offered for donating, including a special edition of the game containing 10 cards not seen in the standard edition.

The kickstarter page can be found here.