Mario Kart Mobile Game Announced

In a short announcement on twitter, Nintendo of America revealed the next game in their line of mobile games planned for the next few years, Mario Kart Tour.

No details have been revealed other than the games release date, which Nintendo has touted for the fiscal year ending in March 2019.

With Nintendo slowly learning the ropes for the right amount of content in a mobile game, this could be great, or a disaster.

All hope is on Mario Kart Tour being a preview of what is to come to Nintendo Switch.


Facebook Announces Pilot For Game Streaming

In an announcement, Facebook announced the pilot of a game streaming service aimed at allowing a more diverse group of streamers to thrive and be successful.

The announcement states that Facebook has listened to gamers, noticing upticks in views for their live video platform, especially for gamers.

Facebook aims to create a more thriving network of game streamers, helping them gain a their moment in the spotlight by helping with discovery and distribution across their multiple social platforms, including Occulus, as well as providing the opportunity for streamers of every level to be successful.

The Twitch competitor will allow gamers to stream in 1080p/60fps but Facebook has stated that they are committed to adding new features based on input from content creators.

Although more popular gamers have made a home on Facebook using their live platform, the new game streaming program will allow for a greater number of streamers with added tools and education for streamers of all levels.

The pilot kicked off on January 27, and interested streamers can sign up for the pilot program here.

Solar Powered Speaker Makes Tunes Green

By Josh Cardiff

Music can have powerful and positive effects on the human condition, but what’s the point of music if we don’t have a sustainable planet on which to listen upon? Introducing the California Roll, and we’re not talking about sushi.


It is the first solar-powered speaker that combines 3D sound quality with voice-activated technology, a device that might change the way people listen to music forever, not to mention anything else they want to hear.


From audiobooks and podcasts, to lectures, anything that can be played through a normal speaker can be played through the California Roll, with no need for traditional power sources.

The California Roll is produced by Lemon, an innovative young company based out of California, founded by Vincent Dupontreue, who admitted that his hatred for tangled wires and lack of sockets when traveling is where the idea was born. His product is far from the only device to implement this technology, even if it was the first. However, it’s other functions, versatility, and sleek design make for a product that may change the future one song at a time.

On top of it’s already coveted design features, the California Roll boasts multiple functions, some that may be worth the pricetag alone. It can be used as a power bank, meaning it can successfully charge any supporting devices, such as Smartphones and Vape-pens, via the sun. Now that’s hot!


The new technology supports Bluetooth, multi-connection, and an advanced pairing system. It is also shockproof, temperatureproof and completely waterproof. This thing, in theory, could bounce along the steep inclines of the Grand Canyon, fall into the Colorado River below, and bake in the sun for hours, all without harming it.

Fans of music and green technology alike, along with anyone trying to purchase a product that is built to last, may just find everything they need in the California Roll.

“Our team cares about the quality of the music but also about the environment. In this day and age, opting for green technology should be the norm,” Lemon’s mission statement says. “By choosing solar panels, our mission is to bring forward great sound without damaging the environment.”


Green technology is possibly the only solution to an ever-growing problem, as masses continue to increase the carbon footprint on Earth, a dilemma many companies are trying to solve. Green technology and people’s love for tunes can, now more than ever, go hand in hand with products such as solar-powered speakers.


The Fidget Diaries: Day 2, Full-Time Job

Time to Work

Not much has happened today in-game. I leveled up to 21, one inch forward to finally getting the fortress at level 25 and up some ranks in the leaderboards. In order to fuel my alcoholic questing, I took on a 10-hour guard position to gain 40 gold coins. I managed to defeat some people in the arena Capture


The Fidget Diaries: Day 1, The Shakes and Fidgets

In this new series, I’ll be taking you through my day to day in the german MMO Shakes and Fidget, a cartoonish traipese into the wonderful world of weird.

Level Up

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 11.12.14 AM

As the subtitle says, I finally leveled up (something rare in this game) to level 20 before attempting floor 5 of the first dungeon, the Desecrated Catacombs, but more on that later. With my level-up I added some more stats to constitution and intelligence so that I can take more of a wallop and dish out more damage, something that will come in handy as I tackle floor 5.

New Equipment

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 11.12.34 AM

I took on Floor 4 which rewarded me the Arcane Storm Gloves of the Magician, which I equipped, although it cuts strength a bit, it increased my luck, and dexterity by nearly double. Floor 4 proved a challenge, so you floor 5 should definitely prove the inevitable challenge.


The Inevitable Floor 5

I failed to defeat the enemy on floor 5, so I will be trying again tomorrow.

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 11.11.23 AM



Facebook Adds New 360 Degree Photo Feature

In the past week, Facebook added the option to take 360 degree photos directly from the Facebook camera.


This option allows users to either take a full 360 degree photo, or a 180 degree “VR Style” photo. These photos can then be viewed using the screen or gyroscope of the device.

This writer has definitely been having fun using the feature, though be warned it seems to have some bugs yet, artifacts sometimes form when taking pictures due to swift movements.


Complete stillness is recommended and as always, stay safe.

Tap Here: A look into the appeal of Idle Games

You open your phone and click the ever enticing app with a cookie on it. The screen opens and a giant cookie is presented to click upon, and essentially, that’s all you do.

Tap, tap, tap, and keep tapping away at the virtual cookie until you gain enough to get more upgrades that allow you to tap faster and easier, or even just tap for you.


Considering there is near to zero actual gameplay to idle games, what makes these incremental ‘games’ so appealing to people?

Of course, even I like these idle tapping games, between classes I often find myself tapping away, purchasing upgrades and leaving it go while I’m class, only to check in with the game later to see how much virtual currency I’ve made.

There’s a psychological appeal to it.

Gaining more and more money, more and more stuff, it makes you feel powerful, just for tapping the screen repeatedly.

Granted, these games can get extremely boring, very quickly.

Not every game is made to the same standard of quality as something like Cookie Clicker and can end very fast if there is nothing left to buy, or provides no motivation to players to continue.

There needs to be a tangible reason to continue tapping, just as there needs to be a tangible source of money dangling from a string for workers to continue working.


Idle games’ popularity can most likely be attributed to their ‘fast food’ appeal. They are quick to adopt, quick to start, and quick to reward the player.

Right from the get go, tapping results in money, prizes, upgrades, and more.

Idle games have certainly grown, from tapping cookies to games that now present story as the player moves through the game, leveling up or collecting enough to move to another area.

There is no telling if the trend of popularity will continue or fizzle out, but for now, idle games are here, and they are steadily popular.



Update: Website Redesign

With the new year comes a new redesign for the website! Welcome to Consumer Friendly 2.0!

With the redesign, look forward to new features such as:

  • A grid-based feature section with the latest articles
  • A new sidebar with twitter, Instagram, and more
  • A redesigned home page

Look forward to more updates coming as Consumer Friendly goes through some metamorphosis.

Flu Epidemic Hits US With Force

That’s right, epidemic.

The CDC, now closed due to the government shutdown, has declared the current flu strain, an epidemic. With over 30, deaths do far, many of which were young and healthy individuals, the season is not looking positive.

A few weeks ago, the CDC announced that the flu vaccine developers would not be effective against the dominant string this season, H3N2, with an estimated 30 percent effectiveness against the especially deadly strain.

Just before Christmas, a 21-year-old was rushed to the hospital after experiencing symptoms of the flu. The hospital was unable to save him. Just after him, a healthy 10-year-old was taken by the deadly illness.

Despite the low effectiveness rate, the vaccine will still help to reduce the extremity of symptoms and help the body fight the flu should you still catch it.

And on a side note, the vaccine will not give you the flu, that is a mythos supported and spread by groups of anti-vaxxers.

Other ways you can prevent getting or spreading the the flu are:

  • Washing hands before and after eating
  • Get plenty of sleep and fluids
  • Don’t go to work or school sick
  • Wash desktop surfaces, especially if someone in your household is sick
  • Get the flu vaccine

Before the epidemic gets worse, remember to get a flu shot, and stay healthy readers.

Bring Sloths and War together with Army of Sloths

Who knew that sloths and war could go together, but that’s exactly what you will get when sitting down to play this unique twist on tabletop card games, Army of Sloths.

Players will find themselves waging war with their neighboring sloths over precious cecropia leaves, a limited commodity and main source of food for these sloths.

It will be up to the player to lead their army to victory and be the last one standing.

Despite their cuteness, these sloths are out for blood and leaves.

“Honestly, sloths are cute and funny, so we decided that if we could make a fun game themed around cute and lovable animals then it would be a hit,” said Robert Love, lead developer of the game. “I mean who could hate sloths, right?”

As the commander of the sloth army, players will have to develop strategies, forge alliance, and of course, break bonds in order to defeat the enemy.

Gameplay takes place using powerful sloth cards, and action cards, all meticulously illustrated by artist Tyler Layhew.

“The game kinda came out of nowhere,” said Love. “We were originally working on a different type of game when we figured out it was too alike to other games out there, so we had to alter course and that was when Tyler Layhew sent me a drawing.”

The image Tyler Layhew sent to Robert Love

An interesting twist, each of these action cards contains two actions, because there are two separate ways to play the game, leaf defenders, and leaf conquerors.

It is because of these two modes that Army of Sloths is a very versatile game, one mode is for players who want a short game to kill time, and the other is longer.

The first mode, leaf defenders is all about building up your defenses and finding a balance between attacking their opponents defense or building up their own in preparation of oncoming assault.

With this mode, the last player with leaves in their possession is the winner.

The other mode, Leaf Conquerors, is the quicker version of the game. In this mode, players compete to obtain the most amount of leaves, which all have varying point values.

No matter what mode players decide to go with, this is an interesting twist on card games with an animal not commonly seen in any media, let alone tabletop card games. It is certainly looking to be a fun and interesting tabletop game for any time of year.

The game was designed by the two man team, Robert Love, and Tyler Layhew under the company name DoubLLe, LLC.

“The hardest part of designing the game is getting funded,” said Love. “The artwork has certainly been time consuming and daunting at times, but Tyler through that with no complaints.”

The game is mostly done according to the developers and is currently going through a Kickstarter campaign for funding with various prizes being offered for donating, including a special edition of the game containing 10 cards not seen in the standard edition.

The kickstarter page can be found here.