Solar Powered Speaker Makes Tunes Green

By Josh Cardiff

Music can have powerful and positive effects on the human condition, but what’s the point of music if we don’t have a sustainable planet on which to listen upon? Introducing the California Roll, and we’re not talking about sushi.


It is the first solar-powered speaker that combines 3D sound quality with voice-activated technology, a device that might change the way people listen to music forever, not to mention anything else they want to hear.


From audiobooks and podcasts, to lectures, anything that can be played through a normal speaker can be played through the California Roll, with no need for traditional power sources.

The California Roll is produced by Lemon, an innovative young company based out of California, founded by Vincent Dupontreue, who admitted that his hatred for tangled wires and lack of sockets when traveling is where the idea was born. His product is far from the only device to implement this technology, even if it was the first. However, it’s other functions, versatility, and sleek design make for a product that may change the future one song at a time.

On top of it’s already coveted design features, the California Roll boasts multiple functions, some that may be worth the pricetag alone. It can be used as a power bank, meaning it can successfully charge any supporting devices, such as Smartphones and Vape-pens, via the sun. Now that’s hot!


The new technology supports Bluetooth, multi-connection, and an advanced pairing system. It is also shockproof, temperatureproof and completely waterproof. This thing, in theory, could bounce along the steep inclines of the Grand Canyon, fall into the Colorado River below, and bake in the sun for hours, all without harming it.

Fans of music and green technology alike, along with anyone trying to purchase a product that is built to last, may just find everything they need in the California Roll.

“Our team cares about the quality of the music but also about the environment. In this day and age, opting for green technology should be the norm,” Lemon’s mission statement says. “By choosing solar panels, our mission is to bring forward great sound without damaging the environment.”


Green technology is possibly the only solution to an ever-growing problem, as masses continue to increase the carbon footprint on Earth, a dilemma many companies are trying to solve. Green technology and people’s love for tunes can, now more than ever, go hand in hand with products such as solar-powered speakers.



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