Flu Epidemic Hits US With Force

That’s right, epidemic.

The CDC, now closed due to the government shutdown, has declared the current flu strain, an epidemic. With over 30, deaths do far, many of which were young and healthy individuals, the season is not looking positive.

A few weeks ago, the CDC announced that the flu vaccine developers would not be effective against the dominant string this season, H3N2, with an estimated 30 percent effectiveness against the especially deadly strain.

Just before Christmas, a 21-year-old was rushed to the hospital after experiencing symptoms of the flu. The hospital was unable to save him. Just after him, a healthy 10-year-old was taken by the deadly illness.

Despite the low effectiveness rate, the vaccine will still help to reduce the extremity of symptoms and help the body fight the flu should you still catch it.

And on a side note, the vaccine will not give you the flu, that is a mythos supported and spread by groups of anti-vaxxers.

Other ways you can prevent getting or spreading the the flu are:

  • Washing hands before and after eating
  • Get plenty of sleep and fluids
  • Don’t go to work or school sick
  • Wash desktop surfaces, especially if someone in your household is sick
  • Get the flu vaccine

Before the epidemic gets worse, remember to get a flu shot, and stay healthy readers.


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