Leave the Wallet at Home with the Fuze Card

An innovative addition to the market of electronic debit cards, Fuze mixes up the formula by allowing users the ability to store up to 30 debit and credit cards and delete their data at the touch of a button.

Starting at just $129, consumers can nearly replace their wallet with one card.

The Fuze Card is not only safe, it is innovative in the way it allows up to 30 cards to be stored and switched on the fly with the small e-ink screen in the bottom right corner.

At just 0.03 inches, it’s no bigger than a regular debit card but packs a punch with a rechargeable battery lasting up to 30 days , an NFC chip, and more.

Fuze values safety, allowing users the ability to clear all information on the car using their smartphone if ever lost or stolen.

It also allows users to track its location using the cards smartphone app, and notifies the user if its left behind or stolen.

Beyond the ease of the card, purchasers is the Fuze Card will have access to the app which allows users finance management, card management and other important features.

Despite its innovation and advanced features, the card is still accessible at banks, and nearly any ATM and register.

The Fuze Card comes with a portable battery that allows a quick charge for another 30 days of use.


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